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Tomorrowland : Dreamville Camping : THE Travel Guide

If you’re visiting Tomorrowland, you must have done your research. And yes, Dreamville is a key word to consider during your trip to Tomorrowland. Let’s talk more about it  😉

What is Dreamville?

Dreamville is a camping area that’s just beside the festival area where Tomorrowland will take place.
Well, to say that its a camping area might be an UNDERSTATEMENT. Its a whole town / village by itself, there are make up booths, bakeries, merchandise shops, a slew of shops catered to food, even a resident DJ radio station, and tons more. There are also areas specially catered to entertainment and relaxation, which provide activities like beach volleyball, tennis and more. In Dreamville, you get to choose from various forms of accommodation, which will be explained further in this post. 

Why did I choose Dreamville? (WHY WOULDN’T YOU?)


1) Well, firstly, location was an important deciding factor for me. I did not want to wait an hour after the festival to attain transport back to my hotel / Airbnb (unless your Airbnb was in the Boom area). I wanted to have decent sleep so I could feel well-rested for the next day (of the festival).  

2) Secondly, it was just the whole camping experience that I had in mind. Not just camping, mind you, the whole feeling of being in a different world for 5 days. The feeling of waking up in your tent, receiving Tomorrowland newspapers from your tent site, eating breakfast in your tent chair, reading what’s up for the day , planning your timetables whilst enveloped by various speakers blasting their preferred EDM music, playing beer pong in the afternoon, before getting ready for the festival. This is just a snippet of what goes on in Dreamville. 

3) And, to top it off, you get an extra day of partying with your Tomorrowland buddies, in the event known as the Gathering! With surprise DJs, and just an exciting day of music, what more can you ask for!

For me, camping in Dreamville was truly one of the best decisions I made. It might differ for others, but I believe, with the proper camping essentials (which I will go through later), camping is a wonderful experience for a first-timer in Tomorrowland. 

I really miss you, Dreamville. Not only you, but the friends I made and bonded with. I miss how everyone was so friendly, and the disputes were (almost) non-existent. But for now, we have to share what we learnt with the future happy campers 🙂

The GATHERING: a special part of Dreamville

The Gathering Stage
Shops around the Gathering

The Gathering is a special part of pre-Tomorrowland that Dreamville residents get to enjoy. Its a celebration of love, friendship and unity for music even before the massive festival starts. The perks are always the special guest surprise DJs that play usually approaching the end of the night. I went to weekend 2 of Tomorrowland and my guest DJs were Lost Frequencies, NetSky, and ARMIN. Not bad at all!

If you’re not staying in Dreamville, you can also get to enjoy the Gathering if you purchase the Global Journey tickets (Flight Package) or the Discover EU package. This means you arrive on Wednesday, and get to attend the Gathering on Thursday. However, the accommodation will not be camping, but in a hotel.  On top of this, you have a pre-party on Wednesday –  Belgian Journey”

If you purchase a normal Global Journey package, you’ll arrive on Thursday and have a pre-event in Brussels known as “Invited” but no access to the Gathering. 


Payment is via your Bracelet that you should have received shipped to you in the form of a box / treasure case. The currency of choice in Dreamville & Tomorrowland is via Pearls. Each Pearl is approximately 1.60 Euros.  You do a little wave with your Bracelet when purchasing something and it auto-deducts. 

You can top up your Bracelet with Pearls either at home before entering Dreamville, in which you receive an extra bonus 2 Pearls for every 100 pearls you top up at a go. Or, you could do it via cash / card in Dreamville / Tomorrowland, they have top-up kiosks located conveniently. 

Getting to Dreamville

Train to Boom
Waiting for the shuttles to Dreamville - at the train station

Basically, eventually you want to be getting to the nearest train station from the festival / camping area which is Boom station. There are free shuttle buses that bring you from Boom train station to the Dreamville Camping grounds (still a bit of a walk after that to the actual grounds). 

If you come from Brussels, you will have to change at Antwerp to get on the train line towards Boom. This is why some people stay in Antwerp the day before the camping opens, it’s less of a hassle. 

Parking vouchers are available for sale 1-2 months before the festival if you are coming via your own car / transport. 

Dreamville Accommodations

That yellow tower is the info point, each color in Dreamville has its own info point, it is also where you pump your air mattress through a machine
If you purchase the tent package, you might get a pop up tent like the ones in this picture, or the green one in the bottom left corner of the topmost picture here

There are various forms of accommodation in Dreamville.

Separate sanitary facilities exist for the Easy Tent, Friendship Garden, Relax Room, Dreamlodge, Cabana, Kokono and Mansion residents respectively.

Link to the accommodations page

Basic Dreamville Camping (Magnificent Greens aka MG)


You essentially get a spot of the space to pitch your tent. First-come, first served basis. There are various tent packages that you can choose from if you’re not sure about bringing your tent all the way from and back home. 

There are various colours that Dreamville Basic Camping areas have. These are yellow, orange, purple and red? Below is a map of the Dreamville Camping area.

The spot I had (in Yellow) was actually pretty near the toilets and showers, but not too near that it would feel unhygienic. I loved it.

Easy Tents 

Tents are already set up for you, in another designated camping area. You also get your air mattress and sleeping bag  all ready for you. Not only that, you get a lock for your tent, a night light, and a mirror.

Also included are separate sanitary facilities only for Easy Tent visitors.

 Being a solo traveller, I had no one to share a tent with, but it would be great for groups or couples! Everything was already set up for you, you just had to hop in!

Spectacular Easy Tents

Similar to Easy Tents, but add in wooden flooring under your tent, a power outlet (220 volt – EU), a patio , and camping chairs, a locker for 2, as well as access to the VIP deck at the gathering.

Friendship Garden

A perfect combination for large groups. Nothing will be set up for you, but you will get your own designated camping area. This means less hassle and trouble trying to camp with your group of 10 or over friends. However, you have to purchase tickets in groups of 10. There is also a private shelter to gather in. 

Relax Room

Mid-luxury, four walls around you, essentially a little room just placed in the field. Good security as well as it is lockable, and worth the upgrade if you value privacy, something that is not included in basic tenting. 

The rooms include 2 beds, a light, a power outlet, interior lighting and a clothing rack. Really useful for those with power issues. But hopefully, you try not to use your phone excessively during such an amazing festival, right? 

Dreamlodges, Kokonos & Cabanas

They say its a tent, but it looks more like a mini house to me. It comes with comfortable beds and everything about it screams luxury. Luxury comes with a cost, though. But, I might try it once. All about the experience! Perhaps I would be able to afford up till the Dreamlodge option 🙁 haha, well if you guys ever pick these options, do report back about the experience! I’m really interested to know about it. 

Dreamlodges get access to your own lockable tent, 2 beds, 2 camping chairs, a table, an USB power outlet, interior lighting, locker, and 24h reception staff. 


If you have at least 3000 Euros to spare by all means do it! I’d love to know how it compares. 

Cute, aren't they? These are Tomorrowland tents.

Dreamville Packing List

You can see the tarp (in grey) that was providing shelter for me all the while
This was my campsite, when the tarp wasn't erected yet, I used the metal poles to my advantage as they made sure my tent didn't collapse

Such a big festival, I wanted to be ready for it. I thought I was ready to tackle the camping. Well I can tell you I was not ready for some parts at all. This packing list is non-exhaustive and feel free to comment if you feel like contributing to it!

Basic Essentials (so sorry I can only provide info for the men’s packing list 😛 )

  1. Tees 
  2. Tank tops (it’s gonna be hot in the day, I recommend tanks over tees.)
  3. Flip Flops for the showers and casual walking in Dreamville
  4. Good Walking Shoes (something to withstand rain, mud and other weather elements during your stay)
  5. Underwear
  6. Toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste)
  7. Contact lenses
  8. Towel (get those microfibre ones that dry easily)
  9. Sunglasses (Get those funky rave ones! Make sure they have UV protection!)
  10. Sunblock (Definitely going to help you in the long run. Fun Fact: Most skin cancers are caused by an accumulation of sun damage to your skin.)
  11. Medication (those for diarrhoea, fevers, sore throats and common colds will be of more importance because of the weather)
  12. Small day pack / Fanny pack for the festival (don’t wanna be lugging your big backpack are you?)
  13. Rain Coat (besides protecting you from the rain, (well for me) it protects you from the cold. Also usable as a groundsheet during the festival)

Camping Essentials

(most of these can be purchased at Decathlon Stores around Europe) There is also a store called Tentenzo which is affiliated to Tomorrowland and you can purchase camping items online through their website and pick them up at the Tentenzo store at the entrance of Dreamville. You can also buy them directly at the place, this option will be a little more expensive than pre-ordering.

  1. Portable fan (such a lifesaver)
  2. Water Spray bottle (fill it up with cold water and it is such a relief!) 
  3. Items 1 and 2 will definitely allow you to make friends very easily.
  4. Tent
  5. Tarp (I can assure you, the tarp will give you shelter / shade over your tent, so you don’t wake up boiling in the heat in the morning. Shade and shelter are your best friends against the elements of nature when camping.) This was probably my best buy for camping (Besides the portable fan).
  6. Sleeping Bag
  7. Air Mattress (so helpful, thank god it was included in the Camp2Camp Package or I might not have taken it, and probably died)
  8. Pillow (I actually brought both the air as well as the soft cotton one, I preferred the cotton one)
  9. Camping Light (severely needed in the dark at light, to give you some comfort)
  10. Black Tape (so useful in sealing broken things, or attaching my Camping Light to the top of my tent)
  11. Lock 
  12. Insect Repellent (get those spray / patch ones, much more convenient)
  13. Mineral Water (you can get the 1.5 litre ones at the supermarket. Remember, hydration is key!)
  14. Plastic bottles to carry your own alcohol in (glass bottles are forbidden in Dreamville)
  15. Wet Wipes
  16. Ear Plugs (for sleeping)
  17. Sleeping Mask

Festival Essentials

  1. Your Bracelet
  2. Vouchers that you bought for Dreamville
  3. CamelBak (SO useful for drinking water, its basically a bag of water with a tube that can be positioned conveniently near your shoulder you just take a sip whenever you want without opening anything! Also better than a normal water bottle as you can fill up more water at a go from the refill stations, time is so important during Tomorrowland.)
  4. Water bottle caps (if you decide to go with the plastic water bottle option, they might throw away the caps, so you’ll need a couple of these to re-cap your bottle.)
  5. Mask
  6. Country Flag (it is so fun to bring, as a Singaporean I felt really proud wearing it as Tomorrowland coincides with our National Day Festivities Period (July-Aug) , and it also helped more people know about my country!)
  7. LED outfit
  8. Bandana (it can get hot in the day. Looking cool is just a bonus.)
  9. Ear Plugs (really useful for your eardrums, I immediately noticed the difference when I put them on during the second day of the festival)

Dreamville Facilities

Dreamville has a multitude of facilities that you can use, some of which you would definitely be amazed at. Dreamville is a little town of its own, really.


  1.  Laundry service (it is expensive though, at 1 pearl per piece of laundry, and you will only get it back the next day)
  2.  Supermarket (Carrefour): payment via card, not Pearls, they do sell ice but it runs out fast so you better run! Prices were affordable and not exorbitant. They sell daily essentials, fruits, even vegetables….
    • 2kg Ice for 5 Euros
    • 6 (1.5 litre) bottles of water for 8 Euros
  3. Electronics: This was a lifesaver. They rented out power banks and charging wires. You could exchange your used power bank for a new one for an unlimited amount of times. Just make sure your power bank is down to its last charge (out of 4) or you will not be able to exchange it
    •  Power bank: 16 Pearls (including 10 Pearls deposit you get back when you return it)
    • Iphone Cable: 2 Pearls
    • Android Cable: 3 Pearls
    • USB-C Cable: 3 Pearls

  4. Gym (they have a pretty decent looking gym with facilities and yoga classes every morning, it seems like a really good workout haha)


  1.  Hairdresser (there was always a long queue when I passed by it)
  2. Make Up Salon 
  3. Jewellery Store

  4. Merchandise (They run out of caps / tees / bandanas pretty fast, so go there during the day of the Gathering or Day 1 of Tomorrowland if you want a certain design, for the other items like drawstring bags / flags they will still be available even till the last day.)
  5. Camping Essentials
    • Sunglasses: 6 Pearls
    • Shampoo 100 ml: 2 Pearls

  6. Sound Protection Devices (they sold earplugs within were really helpful in my opinion.)
    • Acoustic Earplugs from BLOX (14.5 Pearls as they provided more acoustic quality)
    • Normal Earplugs (6 Pearls)
  7. Recycling Area (Tomorrowland is really big on recycling!)
  8. Phone Repair Booth

Chill Out Zone 


The chill-out zone is essentially a place for people to relax and unwind before the festival starts. Featuring multiple hammocks and beanbags on sand pits, it gives you the chill vibes you need before an intense day of raving.

There is a grass pitch to play football, areas for beach volleyball and 4 tennis courts. Be prepared to wait a little, as everyone wants a go at them. The earlier you go in the morning, the higher the chance of securing an empty spot. 


Dreamville Add-Ons

There are also a few add-ons that you can purchase 1-2 months before the festival to add to your experience. I will elaborate on them here. These add-ons come in the form of vouchers, so do print them out and bring them with you. The redemption stations are mostly at the main entrance just when you enter Dreamville. 

Cold Beer Pick Up  (24 Euros)

24 cans of beer to be picked up on the day of the Gathering (Thursday) , don’t be stupid like me and think that you can redeem the voucher the next day. I had too much stuff to carry and decided to redeem it Tomorrowland. The pick-up officially closes at 4pm on the voucher paper, however my friend was able to redeem it at 6pm still (when he entered Dreamville).

Camp2Camp 1-person (100 Euros including 50 Euros deposit)

This is a rental service just introduced this year (2018) that allows you to rent camping gear from Tomorrowland for the weekend. Includes one Dreamville tent, one sleeping bag, one air mattress and one camping chair. Return them in good condition to get your 50 Euro deposit back. There were 2 types of tents they were giving out if you ordered a 1-person package. One was a pop-up tent (I had that) which was incredibly easy to place, while the other was a typical tent that you had to use metal poles to set up. I think it depends on luck. 

This is such a good service as it saves on people purchasing unnecessary equipment, especially for backpackers like me who cannot afford to be lugging around bulky tents and chairs while travelling around Europe before Tomorrowland starts. 

There is also the Camp2Camp 2 person package, which is similar but includes items for 2 people. 

Also, if you have bought your own camping equipment and have decided to throw it away because of inconvenience or other reasons, donate it to the Camp2Camp area. They will have bins located near you to put your unwanted (USABLE) camping equipment inside. 

Tip: Perhaps ask them whether you can swap to the pop-up tent if you receive the other one?


Lockers are essential in every camping festival. They help prevent theft, and provide security to many items that we bring along (Eg: cameras, wallets (since Tomorrowland is cashless), credit cards and the ilk)

For every color of Dreamville camping ground that you’re in, it would have its respective locker area. Eg: Yellow area with have its own designated locker area, Orange with its own, Easy Tents with their own as well and so on. After you have printed out your locker voucher, show it to the counter staff at each respective locker venue and you will be handed a key

Vouchers for the lockers will also go on sale 1-2 months before the festival. The 4 sizes range from small, medium, large to extra-large lockers. Only the extra-large lockers will be able to fit a regular 30L backpack / suitcase. My initial intention was to place my entire backpack in the locker , thus why I bought an extra-large one (40 Euros) What an absolute waste of money! I ended up using the locker only to store my camera, wallet, and Ipad…I should have just gone for a small locker (15 Euros). It was far more convenient to dump your backpack in your tent. 

Tip: Apparently, there is a refundable deposit of 5 Euros when you return the key. However, the catch is that you need to return the key with the paper with a number which shows what locker that certain key is assigned to. Having read up that a good tip is to tear away that exact paper to prevent thieves from jailbreaking into your locker if you happen to lose your key, I thought I was being smart and threw the paper (and my deposit *cries* ) away.  Be smarter, don’t be like Dexter. Tear away that little paper from the key, but keep it safe.

Parking Vouchers

The parking vouchers entitle one car to a designated space that is redeemed at the entrance of Dreamville. Vouchers can be purchased 1-2 months before the festival. 

Shuttle Vouchers

These shuttles bring you from either Brussels to Dreamville! Vouchers can be purchased 1-2 months before the festival. 


Inside the portable toilets, I had to take one for the blog!
The Shower Tree (photo by Angurocanguro.com)
Sample of the toilet layouts (photo by Bas Uterwijk)



The toilets (cubicles) are surprisingly clean! Each time I went they were always thoroughly washed and all was well 🙂 A good tip from me is to queue in the line that has more ladies in it, even if the other line is shorter, because most of dem girls will probably be taking a piss than taking a dump -> fast-moving lines. And if you ever ever ever run out of tissue paper , the toilets are forever stocked with toilet paper for use. I really admired the workers who stood there all day long with their handy toilet cleaner brush. Must not have been the best shift to get 😛


Cold Showers (Free)

I am speaking for the showers in Magnificent Greens (basic camping).

For the free showers, it is essentially a giant flower / plant like thing with multiple shower heads verging at the sides. Most of the time, the water coming out is cold. There were some stories of bathing in hot water from this “shower plant”, but that did not happen in my case. Bring along your swimsuit / swim shorts / bikinis as this is essentially a public shower. 

There are also mirrors and racks for use beside the “shower tree”, for you to put in your contact lenses, put your shower stuff and dry yourself. 

Hot Showers (Cost : 2.5 Pearls)

The hot showers are normal shower rooms, though the queues for the ladies always seem to stretch miles beyond the ones for the guys. In the end, they decided to convert half of the male showering area for females. The hot showers are legit though, I used them every morning, for the rest of the time I just utilised the public cold shower “tree”. Really woke me up! 

Food in Dreamville


The marketplace was home to a wide selection of food. There were all kinds of cuisines and Tomorrowland definitely did not disappoint in this aspect. The quality of food was actually really decent, though it might be a little pricier. But, hey! You’re in Tomorrowland! 

Not to mention, they were definitely not stingy with the portions at all. 


The donut shop and the bakery served as good eating spots for breakfast. They allow you to try samples of the donuts which were all severely tantalising. Being Singaporean also means that I might have taken more than a few free samples , perhaps a few too many :)) 

Besides donuts and bread, I also tried the Breakfast Burger from the food station at the Chill Out Zone Area. It was good!


More often than not, my “lunch” times were the times just before I entered the festival (Around 4pm). You’ll be waking up pretty late everyday and this was the effect of a heavy late breakfast. I tried to try as many different cuisines as I could and each one surprised me pleasantly.

Food shops at the chill out zone


Hmm. . . .
Probably these…

Things I would have done differently

Will queue earlier!
I will also attempt to help my drunk friends instead of taking photos, and yes you can see my trusty fan with me
I LOVE SOMERSBY, as you can see is the main point in this picture.
  1. Either go early, or go late to set up camp.  If you go early, you get great spots. If you go late, you have to walk further but you get bigger patches of ground to camp. Going in the middle depends on luck. 
  2. I want to enjoy the Gathering well ahead next year, and not be troubled about setting up camp. Be at the Gathering by 3pm! Which means setting up camp by 1pm.
  3. Will definitely anticipate the huge load I would have to carry, I even got scars from the abrasions caused by the stuff I was carrying. Perhaps I will buy a cheap push-cart from Brussels /Antwerp. 
  4. I will NOT purchase mineral water beforehand it adds such a huge weight. I  was following this huge group of solo travellers but lost them because I was struggling with the weight. 
  5. Definitely will do the Camp2Camp again! I will wear a tee shirt when walking into camp so I do not get abrasions from heavy loads this time round. 
  6. Attempt to try out all kinds of food.
  7. Aim to take a hot shower everyday in the morning at 8-8.30 where the queues were virtually non-existent. 
  8.  Make friends with your neighbours!! They will be spending close quarters with you for the rest of your stay in Dreamville and you’d be surprised at how welcoming and friendly people are! 
  9. Consider buying a party tent aka gazebo (pool together money with my neighbours!) though from what I remember walking back at Friday night I saw lots of gazebos literally flying around (yes, the wind was that strong.)

oh, how I miss you, Dreamville and all your goodness.

Let’s see you next year, shall we?

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15 thoughts on “Tomorrowland : Dreamville Camping : THE Travel Guide”

  1. Aaron Covarrubias

    I really loved this article! You have helped me & my group so much with all the details you put into it. Making it that much easier of knowing what to expect,pay, & tips of what to do while there.

    I did have one question? With the Camp2Camp 2 person tent package what was the price of that? If you possibly have that.

    Also with the add-ons do those go on sale after purchasing your tickets? And are they hard to purchase, like do they sell out?


    1. Hey 🙂 Glad I managed to help . The Camp2Camp 2 Person would be double be price so you pay 200 euros with a refundable deposit of 100 euros at the end if you return it. Add-ons will appear and be available for purchase around 2 months before the festival. Popular ones include Camp2Camp and the Tomorrowland Mainstage restaurant. But the rest generally do not sell out. Feel free to share the article and ask me any more questions if you need 🙂 I would really appreciate it!

  2. This blog is amazing and such a life saver, are you going again this year? I took Camp 2 Camp 2 pers but no idea whats included hahaha

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment! I think they have changed Camp2Camp this year into a separate campground where they rent you recycled tent stuff (that’s still in really good condition) and allow you to set up tent there. But I think you can also go to the Basic Magnificent Greens to set up your tent if you want (you might have to take your own camping gear tho, because the ones Camp2Camp gives you might only be able to be set up in the Camp2Camp space), yes I’ll be going again this year! You can email me for more answers. Cheers.

      1. Hey awesome blog! Thank you for all the information. I will be staying at Magnificent Greens this year and am traveling from the US. Do you have any recommendations on where to rent/buy tents, sleeping bags, pads in Brussels?
        Thank you.

        1. Hey, thanks for the comment and support! For rental of tents I’m not sure because for Camp2Camp this year it has its own ticket for it unlike last year where you could rent tents using the Camp2Camp vouchers that you bought in June-July…. for camping items definitely check out Decathlon! Massive franchise and they’re quite prevalent in Europe tho I recommend getting the stuff from lesser known Decathlon’s because everyone’s gonna be running to the ones in Brussels and Antwerp for their last minute shopping so there might be some items out of stock. Other than that, Dreamville has its own camping essentials shop (Tentenzo) you could pre-order and pick up there but I’m not sure about the quality.

  3. Hey!
    Great post, you were very helpful! So Tomorrowland posted the vouchers and there are Camp2Camp packages also. I would like to buy for me and my friends, can you please tell me if the deposit is returned to you on the same credit card you paid with or in cash?

  4. Thank you very much man! I wanted to ask because your photos are so awesome! Are mirrorless cameras allowed at dreamville : tomorrowland? Or only the compact ones?

    1. Yea mirrorless cameras are allowed at the campsite, but not in the actual festival. Compacts are allowed in both campsite and festival I think.

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I am going this year for the first time and I can’t wait! Question for you, there is an option of Magnificent Greens or Camp2Camp (pre pitched tent); do you know if these are in the same area? Can my friends in Magnificent Green visit me at Camp2Camp and the other way around?

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