Yacht Trips in Milos: General Tips and my Experience

The Milos Yacht Trip / Cruise

Loved the yacht cruises

This is a definite must-do while you’re on Milos. It is, after all, what Milos is known for, besides its beautiful beaches. Boat tours generally last either half-day or full-day, depending on companies and destinations. Popular destinations include the majestic rock formations of Kleftiko, as well as the nearby island of Kimolos.

Choosing your Yacht

At the jetty where all the yachts were

Every night, yacht operators will be lined up at the jetty from 6pm-10pm competing for your attention. Most operators will encourage you to make your decision early. However, I  just took my time, and encourage you to do the same.

With the whole night, I slowly ran through each individual boat company and asked about their boat routes in detail. With that, I plunged in the prices, route and company name into my phone. Being a kiasu Singaporean, I compared the worth and value of the various companies at the end.

General Tips

Here are some tips towards a great day trip on the yacht!
  1. Decide on the route. This will influence the main bulk of your experience on the yacht. Some routes have unique destinations like Sifia or Sarakiniko stopovers that others do not. Be sure to ask about the time spent at the respective destinations. You don’t want to sign up for a trip that goes to Sarakiniko, but only for a mere 15 minutes. That’s not even enough to explore this fantastic beach!
  2. Ask for the boat capacity. You don’t want to be squeezing with too many fellow tourists on a relaxing day out. On the bright side, a higher capacity usually means a cheaper price.
  3. Look out for the actual yacht. Some yachts look older in reality than on the pictures. It would be wise to take a casual look at it.
  4. Ask for the price. Ask whether the company offer discounts for students, elderly, birthdays or other occasions like anniversaries. There were cruises that started at a reasonable €35 but also others that cost double the price €70 (depending on passenger capacity and quality)
  5. Ask for the demographics of the yacht on the day of your yacht trip. This was particularly important for me as a solo traveller. I wanted to know who I was travelling with, will I be a perpetual lightbulb in a yacht full of couples, or will I be travelling with large families which makes it a little more difficult to socialise, or will I be doing the trip with a bunch of solo travellers (the best situation)?
  6. Ask whether they provide equipment for free (snorkel sets, flippers, underwater cameras), my yachts did, allowing all of us to capture great photos 🙂
  7. A very minor point, but casual asking whether you can control the music on the yacht will make your experience much more fun. I had a blast controlling the music using Spotify on my second yacht trip. I just wished I had known earlier that I was allowed to on my first. Be sure to pre-download your playlist offline beforehand before arriving!
  8. Be sure to record all of these down in your phone for easy comparison later. I like to use tables in my Pages App in my Iphone for easy viewing.
  9. Be patient, there are plenty of companies around and hastily deciding on one can prove to be a bad decision if you find / manage to haggle down a better deal somewhere else.
  10. The service of the yacht staff at the pier will definitely influence your choices. Reminder that some of them are so popular, they do not even need a salesperson at the pier as their bookings run out weeks beforehand. You might want to check online for these particular companies.
  11. Have fun! Even if you manage to find a better deal after booking, yacht trips in Milos are reputed to be a hell lot of fun!

Boat Routes

There are a million boat routes and the operators tweak them day by day according to unpredictable weather conditions, and so as to avoid mimicking from their competitors. There are a few main generic ones that go by, so I’ll introduce them to you.

The Kleftiko Route


Kleftiko was an old pirates’ hideout and now one of the frequently visited attractions  in Milos. Boasting azure blue clear water, elaborate caves and majestic rock formations, Kleftiko remains as a constant destination across most yacht cruises.  Kleftiko is only accessible by boat and sailboats travel there daily, stopping for swim stops and snorkelling. I consider Kleftiko alongside Sarakiniko as one of the must-see things on beautiful Milos. Most routes that travel to Kleftiko are half-day tours.

The small boat

Your yacht skipper will, at some point transfer you to a smaller boat, and bring you to the Blue Cave. This is a wondrous natural pool in a cave which lets daylight in, such that the water turns anything or anyone who swims in it a brilliant shade of blue. Its a great place to catch some nice photos and just have fun!

Some sample routes along this include:

• Adamas -> Klima -> Plaka -> Arkoudes -> Agkathia -> Kleftkiko
• Adamas -> Klima -> Arkoudes -> Cape Gani -> Kalogries -> Sikia -> Kleftiko
• Adamas -> Arkoudes -> Vani -> Kalogries -> Sikia -> Kleftiko

The Kimolos Route (aka Round of Milos)

What colourful rocks!

This route involves travelling to the island of Kimolos, a small island next to Milos. Kimolos has barely been touched by tourism in spite of its close proximity to Milos. Most activities are concentrated in Chorio, the only village on the island, and around the port. Boat operators will tempt you with the fact that you will get to catch seals playing near Kimolos. Most routes that stop at Kimolos are included in the full Round-of-Milos yacht trips that usually take up the whole day (ending at 6-7pm).

Milos had plenty of unique rockforms like these

Tip: Some of the skippers that I met when choosing my route each discouraged me from this route as it will be very tiring. You have more locations within a set time with allows you lesser time at each respective destination. You might want to take this into consideration.

Some sample routes along this include:

• Adamas -> Cape Vani -> Kleftiko -> Gerakas -> Firlingos -> Poliegos -> Galronisia -> Arkoudes -> Adamas
• Adamas > Klima -> Arkoudes -> Sarakiniko -> Glaronisia -> Polyegos Island -> Adamas [usually in presence of strong south winds]
• Adamas -> Paleochori (by bus) -> Firlingos -> Gerakas -> Kleftiko -> Tsigrado -> Paleochori (disembark) -> Adamas (by bus) [usually in presence of strong north winds]

Milos Yacht Cruise Day 1: Poleo Sailing Cruises

Couple goals

Route: Adamas -> Kalogries -> Sikia -> Kleftiko
Price: €70 (I did pay a premium for a total of 9 passengers on board)

Facebook Pagehere
TripAdvisor Reviewhere

I did the Kleftiko route on my first day with Poleo Sailing Cruises. I can highly recommend this company for a supreme experience on a yacht. Owned by a father and son tag team, Poleo’s yacht was very aesthetic and made for an enjoyable time, with its comfortable cushioning, optimum space and good quality snorkel/floats that they offered as part of the price. The main thing that attracted me to this company was the small boat capacity which meant that I got more privacy and time to explore the destinations with the other 8people on board, instead of squeezing with 30  other people. I appreciated the fact that they snuck me on board when the maximum that they usually take was 8, as I was a solo traveller.

Our skipper, Pol! Rightmost in the picture

Our skipper, Pol, was fantastic. He was so entertaining with his quirky jokes and cranky humour. I loved how he knew a little bit about every destination that we visited. Regarding the demographics, I was a little apprehensive at the start about how the rest of my companions for the day were couples (would I be able to fit in? HAHA) but not to worry, most of the people there were very welcoming and I enjoyed using my new friends as photo subjects for the entire day. One couple were actually doctors (Gen Med & O&G), which as interesting as they talked to me about the healthcare system back in the UK and New Zealand.

The food that they prepared was also delicious, they had a on-board cook to prepare the meals for us. I loved it. They tried to produce international food to suit the crowd, which was very nice of them.  I absolutely loved the starters and the Bolognese prepared for lunch.

One thing about the Medderitarian was the general lack of marine life, or fish in general. Although the waters were crystal blue, I was still surprised at how barren it was. No coral anywhere, I suppose the weather changes in the winter removes the possibility of coral growing here. This made swimming through the sea caves a good experience though, as you will not think of getting bitten by strange creatures.


Cute little Klima

A common stop that the yachts pass by would be Klima , a traditional fishing village dotted with colourful houses, also known as “syrmata“. These houses are inhabited by fishermen who store their boats on the first floor and reside with their families on the second. From Klima, you will be able to visit an ancient settlement built by the Dorians. There you will find ancient walls and temples, and even the spot where the statue of Aphrodite was discovered.


the Bear, guarding Milos as always

Composing of a series of rocky islets, Arkoudes is a natural lava rock sculpture, which resembles a huge bear. Legend says that it guards Milos from the treacherous ocean. The yacht will gradually get closer to the natural rockform till you’re able to take a nice picture of it. Arctos means Bear in Latin.

Around Arkoudes


Gorgeous Sikia

This space-like cave is only accessible via boat. You will have to transfer to a smaller boat in order to access the interior of the cave. Once inside, it looks like you are on a different planet, as the white environment makes the whole place look extraterrestrial. Sikia’s beach was produced when its cave’s roof collapsed.  It was an old pirate hangout and has a fresh water spring near the back of the cave, which is now only a damp patch of sand and gravel.
If you’re lucky, you may find one or two small rocks with little bits of silver flecked through them 🙂

Landscape (or should I say, Moonscape) at Sikia
Some people were irresponsibly eating some food here, I highly recommend NOT to do so as you want to preserve the clean waters in the cave
entrance of Sikia



These amazing structures are formed naturally from erosion 🙂
Panoramic view of Kleftiko

Kleftiko was an old pirates’ hideout and now one of the frequently visited attractions  in Milos. Boasting azure blue clear water, elaborate caves and majestic rock formations, Kleftiko remains as a constant destination across most yacht cruises.  Kleftiko is only accessible by boat and sailboats travel there daily, stopping for swim stops and snorkelling. I consider Kleftiko as one of the must-see things on beautiful Milos. It is a spot where you can enjoy swimming, take numerous underwater pictures, do some cave exploration, and snorkel under the gaze of Kleftiko’s impressive rock formations. This is also the location for the traditional lunch stop of the day.

The smaller boat will also bring you to a few respective caves, the 2 main ones being the Blue Cave and the Dragons Cave. The Dragon’s cave emitted a loud “snore” every few seconds, from the cyclic rush of the water into the interior of the cave. It really resembled a massive snoring creature when the sound echoes around the cave. The Blue Cave is a wondrous natural pool in a cave which lets daylight in, such that the water turns anything or anyone who swims in it a brilliant shade of blue. Its a great place to catch some nice photos and just have fun!

Milos Yacht Cruise Day 2 : Aquatta Cruises

New day, different boat, another exciting adventure!

Route: Adamas -> Klima -> Arkoudes -> Sarakiniko -> Glaronisia -> Thiorixia -> Tsigrado -> Kleftiko
Price: €70 (I prefer to splurge on my yacht trips 🙂  for the smaller boat capacity as well as the higher quality of food / sites / yacht)

Facebook Pagehere
TripAdvisor Reviewhere

The second yacht trip I took was with Aquatta Cruises. The route I chose this time round went to Kleftiko as well, but cruised around the eastern coast of Milos to get there. The end point was still Kleftiko but I saw a lot more unique sights along the way.

Pirates hideout, anyone?
Beautiful cove

It was a totally different experience from my first day as I took this cruise with 2 families and a couple. And the guy was a paediatrician! I seriously meet so many doctors on my trips that I got used to it eventually. The yacht was made a little differently but still resembled one of higher quality compared to some of the other ones . However, I preferred the yacht from Poleo as it had a bigger sheltered resting area to take cover from the burning Greek sun.


My skipper, Panos, was also incredible. He let me have a go at the reins of the yacht! It was my first time steering but it really made me feel like the captain! Being the cook as well, the dishes that he whipped up from the kitchen were also great.

Panos cooking for us!
Met so many friends!
It was also someone’s birthday!

This cruise was also exceptionally remarkable because I got the chance to DJ from my phone. It was such a blast. I highly recommend asking your cruise whether you can DJ from the start as I would have done it for the previous day if I knew that was possible. Tailoring the songs from the oldies to the current pop trends to suit the audience was so much fun.

Lemon vodka, anyone? :p


Tsigrado from afar

Tsigrado is a a gorgeous beach located in the south of Milos. Some people will like the thrill climbing down as going down this beach requires you to climb down some steep ladders (the unique part about it!) but it is worth it as the waters are clear and beautiful. Beware that there is a space constraint so you might have to squeeze with other tourists in this little gem. The yacht passed by this beach from afar, its surrounding environment with the rocky cliffs was quite impressive.

Tip: Wear sunglasses while going down the ladder as small stones and dirt will be falling on you while you climb down.

Hidden Cove

This was, in my opinion, even better than Kleftiko!

I’m not very sure where this last destination was, but it had the best waters and we were very much the only yacht there. We had the entire cove to ourselves and had so much fun splashing and diving down from the yacht. I need to practise my front flips more!


Yacht cruises are one of the mainstays in Milos, and will remain for many years to come, precisely because of the many spectacular sights, coves and beaches on this romantic island. Do make sure to choose a suitable one for yourself and I hope you all have an enjoyable time!

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  1. Hi Dexter, thank you for sharing these awesome tips. I’ll be going to Milos in a month and was looking into boat cruises as well. Based on the information you’ve given here, it seems like I don’t necessarily have to book way ahead of time online. I was wondering if these boat tours book up fast and whether I would be able to get in on one for the next day or two if I browsed around at the jetty like you did?
    Basically, how far ahead of time did you have to book the yacht trip?

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your comment! Yep I basically shopped around 2 days before, so the next day I just went around to explore the island, and the following day I went on the yacht tour! Do take note that I went solo so it was easier to fit one person into most of the cruises, if you’re a couple it should be fine but I think if you’re more than that, you might want to think about booking around 3-4 days in advance.

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