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Let me return, Milos

Milos was the last island that I visited on my trip to Greece. I had saved the best for last, I hoped. I chose Milos because of its beaches and coastal formations and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. Milos has numerous beaches all around and each are impressive and unique. Because of the volcanic landscape it offers, the beaches of Milos differ in geological formations. From the sheer beauty of  Sarakiniko , amazing chalk cliffs of Kleftiko, to beautiful sandy stretches of Provotas , Milos has something for everyone!

frequently visited Kleftiko

Milos was also the island where archaeologists discovered the Aphrodite of Milos, which currently resides in the Lourve in Paris. A cool fun fact, but definitely not the only reason why I chose this gorgeous island!

Sarakiniko Beach, a miracle

Getting to Milos

Ship ahoy

Most people get to Milos via ferries (which include several different types), although there is an airport as well. I will elaborate more about that in my upcoming article on how to book Greek Ferries (as I myself had many questions and misconceptions while figuring out the booking process). However, there are 3 main companies that operate the ferries around the Cyclades Islands – Blue Star, Hellenic Seaways and SeaJets.

I got to Milos via SeaJets from Santorini’s port. The journey took a total of 2 hours and the vessel was the SuperJet.

Departure: 0830
Arrival: 1035
Price€52.90 (economy)

The closer inhabited islands to Milos are that of Santorini and Sifnos.

At the jetty where all the yachts were


Katerina Apartments Linkhere

Price: €40/ night (Private Room for 2)

Now, Milos was the only island in my list which literally did not have a hostel , or somewhere where there were shared rooms (which will make the price cheaper). This must be the main reason why typical backpackers will not choose Milos as a plausible destination. All the more was I determined to explore this island on my own.

I ended up booking a private room at Katerina Apartments in the town of Tripiti in Milos. Here was where I enjoyed one of the best hospitalities ever in my travels. I had the warmest welcome from Katerina herself when I arrived at Milos’s port. Throughout my stay, Katarina constantly attended to my questions about Milos. Every morning, she will bake homemade goodies and leave them at the drawer. It was a pleasant surprise and this ended up being one of the things I really looked forward to everyday.

Baked goods by Katarina!

On my last night here, she warmly invited me for dinner at 11pm with her friends and relatives on the balcony of her house. It was so nice of her! A warning, Katerina’s husband would look very sternly at you if you did not finish the potatoes he fried. I would totally come back to Milos and stay at her apartment again.

The room was cosy and definitely worth the money, especially if you split it among 2 people (downsides of being a solo traveller). The hot showers and air-conditioning were amazing, so were the soft beds and peaceful nights I had here. I loved the fact that I had a television to myself (been staying in hostels for too long). There was also a big front yard at you could park your ATV / scooter / car at if you have rented one. Katerina stays in the building beside you so she is usually quick to assist you if you encounter problems during your stay.

However, it got a little lonely and boring at times as there was no social atmosphere though the other 2 rooms beside me were occupied. I guess this comes with the package of Milos being a non-backpackerish destination.


Yacht Cruises

Cliffs of Kleftiko, a mainstay of every yacht cruise

Prices: ranges from €30-€70 (depending on number of people on your yacht, type of yacht, quality of food and route)

Awesome cruising
Look at the water!

This is a definite must-do while you’re on Milos. It is, after all, what Milos is known for, besides its beautiful beaches. Boat tours generally last either half-day or full-day, depending on companies and destinations. Popular destinations include the majestic rock formations of Kleftiko, as well as nearby island of Kimolos.

Sikia, feels like I’m in a meteorite

A more detailed guide on how to choose a yacht cruise will be written soon.

Every night, boat operators will be lined up at the jetty from 6pm-10pm competing for your attention. Some operators will pressure you to make your decision early in a bid to get more sales. However, I  just took my time, and encourage you to do the same.

I had so much fun, honestly.

With the whole night, I slowly ran through each individual boat company and asked about their boat routes in detail. With that, I plunged in the prices, route and company name into my phone. Being a kiasu Singaporean (if you don’t know whats kiasu, Google helps :), I compared the worth and value of the various companies after my search.

Would willingly do this again if I had the chance

In the end, I decided on 2 yacht trips consecutively and ended up with Poleo Sailing Cruises and Aquatta Yachts. Both of my yacht trips were amazing experiences that will remain with me for a long time.

You also end up with a bunch of new friends!

Sunsets at Pollonia

Awesome backdrop at Pollonia

With my rented ATV, I drove down to Pollonia for the sunsets as recommended by Katarina. Pollonia is a beautiful little town on Milos which is known for its seafood restaurants, in which you can catch the sun set over the horizon. It is certainly one of the upper-tier districts in Milos as everyone and everything looks very elegant here.  As you enter Pollonia, there will be a sign which points you to the direction of free parking, to the left.

Shops by the seaside

Walk a little further after the restaurants end to the jetty, where you will get a wonderful view of the vast ocean. I even caught the moon the night I was there! It made for a pretty good picture.

Tip: You might not want to return too late if you reside near Adamas. The road gets pretty dark at night, and there are no street lamps at some stretches. You definitely don’t want to have your lights fail you at those sections! I returned at around 10pm in summer and it was already dark.

Beaches (especially Sarakiniko)

Sarakiniko in all its splendour

There are plentiful beaches in Milos, and all of them are extremely unique. My favourites have to be Sarakiniko as well as Provatas.

Beautiful Provatas

Sarakiniko is a geological miracle. The greyish-white volcanic rocks in contrast with the azure blue of the Aegean Sea made for a delightful combination. The whole landscape looked extremely lunar. This beach was easy to reach via ATV (15 minutes from Adamas) and an absolute must if you visit Milos! There is not much real sand on this beach, thus most people just spread out their belongings and sun tan on the rocks themselves. There are also no facilities here so please beware (though there is a food truck selling refreshments at the entrance of the beach – purchase them when you enter as it is quite a walk down to the actual beach).

Some people were just sunbathing on the rocks in the middle of the crashing waves
Doing some poses on Sarakiniko
White miracle of Sarakiniko Beach

Apparently, there were also caves in Sarakiniko that pirates made in the past to store their stashes. Unfortunately, I missed them but you should go explore them!

Look at how white everything is!
Potholes with crystal clear water

Heading down to Provatas took me a little longer (20 minutes from Adamas) but the beach was no less beautiful. The sandy beach of Provatas immediately captivated me and it seemed that this beach was more local, with plenty of Greeks relaxing and frolicking about. Some of them were playing this interesting game, which I managed to get their permission to take some photos of. It resembled Table Tennis, except that there was no table.

Beautiful Provatas
The “table-tennis” game
Children relaxing

There were some cute houses at the end of the stretch of beach in which an elderly couple lived in. Though they did not speak a single word of English, I was content just using Google Translate to have a one-sided conversation with the friendly couple. Eventually, we admired the Aegean Sea together in silence, and for a moment, all existing worries disappeared.

Local families chilling
the friendly couple that tried to converse with me!
Provatas Beach

There are still many beautiful beaches in Milos to be explored, however I did not have the time to visit all of them during my stay there.


Kleftiko was an old pirates’ hideout and now one of the frequently visited attractions  in Milos. Boasting azure blue clear water, elaborate caves and majestic rock formations, Kleftiko remains as a constant destination across most yacht cruises.  Kleftiko is only accessible by boat and sailboats travel there daily, stopping for swim stops and snorkelling. I consider Kleftiko alongside Sarakiniko as one of the must-see things on beautiful Milos.

Your yacht skipper will, at some point transfer you to a smaller boat, and bring you to the Blue Cave. This is a wondrous natural pool in a cave which lets daylight in, such that the water turns anything or anyone who swims in it a brilliant shade of blue. Its a great place to catch some nice photos and just have fun!

Pirates’ hideouts (wonder whether those treasures are still there mhm)


This shop was so cute! And they were all handmade

Besides Pollonia, Plaka is another district in Milos that should be visited. It’s a quaint little village that serves as the capital of Milos. It has picturesque tiled alleys that make for good exploration, with traditional shops, cafes and tavernas offering great views of Milos’s bay. A Venetian Castle lies on the hill top of Plaka where you can sip a cocktail while enjoying the idyllic sunset in peaceful Milos. There are also 2 museums in Place for the history buffs. I had some good gelato here as well.


Cute little Klima

Another top item for visitors to Milos would be to head down to Klima , a traditional fishing village dotted with colourful houses, also known as “syrmata“. These houses are inhabited by fishermen who store their boats on the first floor and reside with their families on the second. From Klima, you will be able to visit an ancient settlement built by the Dorians. There you will find ancient walls and temples, and even the spot where the statue of Aphrodite was discovered.


Ancient Catacombs of Milos

Price for entry & guided tour: €4 (full), €2 (reduced)

A very cool side trip, the Catacombs of Milos are definitely worth seeing. It was a sight of worship and refuge when the Christians were persecuted by the Romans. You even get a guided tour included in the price of entry! You have to wait for a group of about 10 people in order for the tour to start. The guide we had was brilliant and knowledgable. The well-kept catacombs are among the three most important of the 74 discovered worldwide, together with the catacombs of Rome and the Holy Land.

From the Catacombs, you can easily visit the Ancient Theatre as well.

Views were perfect, as usual
Exterior of the Catacombs were good spots to take photos as well

Dine at and explore Adamas Port

To me, Milos’s port had the most charming ambience out of all the ports that I had visited during my trip. Particularly because not many tourists visited Milos, I felt that the place was not overcrowded and made for good exploration. And for the first time ever, I actually dined at one of the overpriced port restaurants that I had promised myself not to go to. A kind French family decided to treat me to dinner after my yacht cruise with them! These are the people that make travelling so much more fun, we had a great time exchanging travel stories and perceptions.

Explore the Island

You’ll pass by these sights away the way, where you can just stop your vehicle and take these beautiful photos

Exploring the island using my own quad was very enjoyable due to the relative lack of vehicles on Milos. As always, one of the best things I liked about these quiet islands was the cruising down their roads. On the way, you get to see many pretty scenes and local life that will take you much longer to reach by public transport.

Casual Buildings



Website: here

The bus system in Milos is surprisingly one the best ones amongst the islands that I’ve visited.. They have a dedicated website catering to questions regarding the buses on Milos. This makes it easy to find out the relevant timetables to plan your schedule.

Quad / ATV

New baby looks like a bumblebee 🙂 it was definitely more powerful than the one I had in Ios

Renting a quad is still one of the most economical ways to get around Milos, at least for a solo traveller without a scooter licence. Milos is big, and the various beaches around it all require some kind of driving to get to. The public transport in Milos is decent, but its much more convenient to head around with your own vehicle.

Zooming down these roads with free rein

I rented my quad bike for €35/day (I bargained it down from €40 a day.) It would be even cheaper if you had someone else to share the cost with, as the quad bike can sit 2 people. As usual, I had the most exciting time of life just cruising down the highways (most of the time alone), while admiring the amazing scenery and landscapes of Milos along the way.

Tip: Try to rent your quad for more than a day, you’re more likely to get a discount this way.

I rented my quad from Moto Christos. There are a ton of ATV rentals near Adamas Port and Katerina kindly drove me around to shop for my ATV! I was so grateful. She is really a splendid host.

Car / Scooter

Car and scooter rentals are possible in Milos. This would be a more suitable choice for groups or families of 4-5. Just a fair warning that it might be dangerous riding a scooter if you’re inexperienced, do not put your life in jeopardy for reckless reasons.



I only realised how cheap things were from the supermarket on my second last night here in Milos. A loaf of white bread cost €1.50 while some slices of ham cost €3. This served as my breakfast for the next few days. This is ultimately one of the best tips to save money overseas. There are 3 main supermarkets on Milos (Louladaki Despoina, Alfa and Vidalis), which all do not open on Sundays. However, if you do unfortunately land on Milos on a Sunday, or happen to be out of groceries on a Sunday, you could try heading to a bakery. From my experience in Milos, the bakeries do stock up on some groceries and mineral water that would be helpful for your stay.


Pesto Pappardelle

TripAdvisor Reviewhere

Prices: €8 (Pesto Penne), €4 (Pittarakia)

Katarina recommended 3 restaurants, Ergina and Methismeni Politeia. I came here for lunch on my first day on board, and chose the Pesto Penne as well as their local Milos speciality – the Pittarakia, which was a unique cheese pie, stuffed with a peppery local cheese, spearmint and a hint of onion. They were absolutely delicious, though I would have liked a little bit more pesto added to my pasta. I’m hooked onto pesto, honestly. The restaurant also provided a good view of the surrounding mountains and greenery. I loved the fact that they served me glasses of water here, instead of pressuring me to purchase a bottle of mineral water, something the restaurants did in Santorini and Mykonos.

View from Regina

Methismeni Politeia

Beautiful Sunset from Methismeni
My delicious Pistatzio

Tripadvisor Link here

Prices: €7 (Pastitzio)

Visiting Methismeni was a delight as it gave you unobstructed views of the beautiful sunset. As you would have realized by now, at least one restaurant recommendation I have for each Greek Island would offer a nice sunset view 🙂 Besides that, the service I had here was superb. Friendly waiters, delicious Pastitzio, perfect sunsets, what else could I ask for? I also noticed that this restaurant was quite popular in the evenings, you might want to make a reservation for the prime seats.



TripAdvisor linkhere

Prices: €11 (Veal with Rice)

I visited Milos during my trip to Pollonia. I would really recommend this restaurant if you want a romantic ambience for a uiet dinner. I ordered the Veal with Rice which was absolutely on point. It got even better when the sky darkened and the candlelights that they put glowed even brighter.


TripAdvisor Linkhere 

Prices: €4 (Feta Cheese), €8 (Pork Souvlaki)

Archontoula was located in Plaka which is the capital of Milos. It happens to have really good Pork Souvlaki (I must have been really hungry to forget to take a picture of the main course). The Feta Cheese was also great when paired with the olive oil and other spices. This restaurant had a good ambience and a really cute dog inside as well. Overall a decent place for lunch if you happen to be exploring in Plaka.

Kayak Gelato


Prices: €2 (Pistachio Gelato)

Kayak was a good cafe to chill after a heavy lunch, with a gelato in hand. It was closely really close to Archoutoula but the Milos outlet does not have a TripAdvisor Page sadly. Just walk further down the main road. The decor was very appealing here, with pastel colours filling the shop. The quality of the gelato was also up to standard with the good ones I had in Naxos. As usual, I took the Pistachio Gelato and it didn’t disappoint at all!


Milos is a destination that, albeit far, would be worth it. Its stunning scenery, quiet landscapes and fantastic yacht cruises have won me over and I’ll definitely take into account this island when planning for my future travels in Greece. I highly recommend doing Milos after Santorini so that you can compare the two. Milos might even triumph Santorini as the new Romantic island of the Cyclades!

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        1. I do wish I could go again! Milos was a dream riding on my ATV out on the open road. I wish you all the best in your travels! Any questions feel free to ask again 🙂

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