Why I started this travel blog

To document & to share

Hi guys,

So I’ve recently came back from Koh Samui, and realized, that I’ve made a total of 9 trips this year. That is the most I’ve made in a year. I thought, why not share my experiences with others? Why not make others’ trips better by giving tips? So I came up with the idea of starting a small blog to document my travels. I am still a student, so my funds are currently limited. However, I still try to make the most that I can with what I have 🙂 So as you would have figured, I am still pursuing my tertiary education, so I can only be a part-time traveler for now.

I travel mostly within SEA & Asia, dabbling a little in Australia and Europe. I’ll try to cover most of the places around me before moving on 🙂 another reason being that the Western countries are also WAY more expensive. I’ll have to save more then 🙂

Thanks for reading my first post and why I started this.

Much appreciation,

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